What is Swanky Swag? It is a life-long crafter who took her love for fibers, art, knitting and crochet and turned it into a line of handmade accessories that are truly one of a kind. It also seems to describe life here in LA – its all about the swag – the extras, the accessories. The swankier the better.

Swanky Swag is a collection of original, innovative designs – not just the next trendy item – but elegant, beautiful accessories that can change your outfit and your mood.

Swanky Swag designs are not machine-made. They are not constructed by child workers in India. They are 100% handmade by us in Los Angeles in our own little living room sweatshop – the only person who suffers is the husband when we are too busy to make dinner!

How can you get some Swanky Swag? Our designs are sold in boutiques in Los Angeles and by mail order. The pictures on our site are just samples of our designs… we are constantly changing and developing fun new swag. Drop us an email at txstarla “at” yahoo.com and we can custom design the perfect accessory for you.


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